A carrier designed for larger cats and small dogs, allowing your furry friend to be easily transported while giving them a porthole to the outdoors.



A pet carrier designed for panoramic views and ease of transportation when going on an adventure or just to the vet.

Hello pet lovers, MujMuj Goods is a small local South African based brand catering to the modern pet.
Launching in 2019 with a collection of space carriers, MujMuj holds your pets comfort as the highest priority. aiming to enhance and nurture the bond between human and pet. All carriers are quality checked and come with a warrantee. We are now only selling and fulfilling orders through Takealot to ensure that our prices stay the same during these strange times! Sign up below to receive helpful articles and news on upcoming promotions. 

MUJI & the apollo

Muji is a chocolate Burmese who suffers from chronic rhinitis, meaning that he has to visit the vet frequently. He freaks out every time he has to go but as soon as we started taking him in his MujMuj carrier, he meows less and seems a lot more comfortable. He seems to like that he can lie down and still see out. 

MISO & the apollo

Miso is a Burmese cross Bengal, so it is in his nature to want to go for walks. He really loves walking along the side of the mountains in Cape Town. Often he gets tired along the way or a dog comes along, so for his comfort and safety, the clear carrier means that he can still be a part of the adventure.


brunello & the bebop

Brunello the Bengal loves his outdoor walks and being close to his human Kristen. He's growing up to be a big boy so he fits better into the Bebop carrier. He enjoys looking out during outings and adventures.